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Olivia Hurtgen Varo


Born and raised on a dairy farm in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, as the oldest of five siblings, Olivia was raised to be a kind-hearted and compassionate woman with a love for serving her family, friends, and community with an open heart and busy hands.

After moving to Chicago to pursue an education in Forensic Science, a dear friend and retired funeral director suggested she would be far more suited to a life of service as a funeral director rather than a life spent in a laboratory.

She attended Worsham College of Mortuary Science, graduated Magna Cum Laude, and finally found her true calling. She has been a funeral director for the last seven years and in the funeral industry for nine years. She is always learning, reading, and growing to better serve families in need.

She currently lives in Chicago with her husband, Beniamin, and beloved cat, Abbi.

Telephone: 1-262-955-5890

Email: olivia@eternallightfunerals.com